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dev & soc control- journal 2

dev & soc control- journal 2 - Susan Martinez March...

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Susan Martinez March 4, 2010 Deviance and Social Control Group 3 Journal: With Anti-Addiction Pill, ‘No Urge, No Craving’ CNN’s senior medical producer, Caleb Hellerman’s, article on the ‘anti-addiction’ pill is one of immediate controversy in the medical field. The article discusses alcoholism and the most recent therapies used to treat the medicalization of it as a disease. Central Falls, Rhode Island is where most of the controversy started with the development of research for drug therapy being available for the treatment of alcoholism. The article focuses on the new generation of anti- addiction drugs, one of them being naltrexone. The article focuses on one person who is a prime example of how drug therapy can be effective against the disease of alcoholism. Walter Kent used to be a severe alcoholic for more than 30 years. He tried every form of therapy to recover from his alcoholism, but somehow always relapsed. Kent tried the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step meetings and rehabilitation centers. Yet he did not fully recover until his wife recommended that he try a research study conducted by Robert Williams Hospital at Brown University.
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