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dev psy- ass 2

dev psy- ass 2 - worried because I never heard you cry So I...

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Susan Martinez Developmental Psychology January 28, 2009 Assignment #2 Q: What was my birth like? A: I went to the hospital a week early for a check-up, and as I was giving my information to the receptionist, my water broke. And I couldn’t believe it because I didn’t have any pain for a while. So they gave me an injection to give me contractions to be able to push, and at 3:45 P.M. you were born. At birth the umbilical cord was tangled and wrapped around your neck, and after birth I couldn’t see you because you had swallowed some of the placenta and that had entered your lungs. So they had to have you under observation for a few days and hooked up to a machine. In addition, the birth caused me internal bleeding. Q: Was I fed on a schedule or on demand? A: I had to feed you on a 3-hour schedule because you never wanted to eat. All you would do was sleep and you never cried to eat or anything. Q: Bottle or Breast? A: Bottle. Q: Did I cry a lot? A: No. Q: Was I a good sleeper? A: Yes, you never cried. You always slept all night. For the first few weeks I was actually really
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Unformatted text preview: worried because I never heard you cry. So I would wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning scared that something had happened or that you weren’t breathing. So, I would run over to the room scared only to find you snoring in your crib, sound asleep. Q: Where did I sleep? A: In the crib in your brother’s room. Q: When did I start to crawl? Walk? A: At around 4 months you began to crawl. You began to walk at 9 months. Q: Did you use a book to help? If so, which one? A: Yes, but I can’t remember which one. Q: What was I like as a baby? A: Very smart and independent. You spoke your first word at 3 months and by the time you reached 1 year, you were fully saying phrases and speaking clearly. At two weeks old, you dropped your pacifier in the play pen and instead of crying, you attempted to reach for it yourself without crying or showing any signs of need for assistance....
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