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Susan Martinez February 18, 2009 Develpomental Psychology Homework Assignment #3 Advantages of Baby Signs 1. Promotes the development of language skills 2. Reinforces language skills already developed 3. Reduces frustration at not being able to express needs Disadvantages of Baby Signs 1. It will discourage kids from learning to talk 2. It would be more difficult for a child to later learn real sign language as opposed to the simplified one 3. Refuted by most professionals who have actually studied the situation Judging by the research done on baby sign language, if I were to have a baby I would rather not teach them it sign language. I would not teach my child baby sign language because I would
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Unformatted text preview: not want to discourage them from learning how to speak. In addition, I feel like it is better to let the baby learn how to talk at its own pace, and when they are ready they will speak. Bibliography "Cons." Talk: Sign language in infants and toddlers . 5 Jan. 2009. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 18 Feb. 2009 <>. MJ. "Benefits of Baby Sign Language." Benefits of Baby Sign Language: Infant Signing Communication Development . 2006. 16 Feb. 2009 <>....
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