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devlop psych- marijuana pamphlet

devlop psych- marijuana pamphlet - BREASTFEEDING MARIJUANA...

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MARIJUANA Marijuana comes from the Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica plant. Its main psychoactive ingredient is THC. The drug is classified as a Schedule I Narcotic by the Drug Enforcement Administration because it is not recognized as to having any medical use. EFFECTS ON THE BODY When THC is smoked it reaches the blood vessels through the lungs, then it makes its way to the brain. Once THC reaches the brain, it activates the cannabanoid receptors, which control the body’s level of pain and stress. The hippocampus, another section of the brain with many cannabanoid receptors, is responsible for memory formation, but when Marijuana is introduced it inhibits the ability to store new memories. Other areas affected by the drug are the spleen, kidney, liver, and testes. For women who are pregnant it can travel through the placenta and reach the fetus. RISK FACTORS FOR MEN Marijuana can affect fertility in men. It causes a lower sperm count and few amounts of seminal fluid. This totals in about half of the normal amount of sperm. And in
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