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deviance&law- project 1 - the photo of Michael...

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Susan Martinez September 30, 2008 Deviance and Law: Project 1 Piercings and Tattoos: The pictures of people with tattoos and piercings are deviant because the amount to which the art is on their body is over-excessive. It becomes deviant when it surpasses the need to affiliate with society, a new fashion trend, or a specific group of people. Instead it transforms itself into self- mutilation. Therefore, instead of the person relating and connecting to society, the overwhelming body piercings and tattoos stand as a barrier between the two causing a distant abstract relationship. This in turn, sets them apart from the rest of what is considered “normal” and categorizes them as outcasts and a burden to society. Hence, the perspective that these actions fall into is constructivism because it is not perceived as evil as murder, but still looked down upon by society. Drunken Men with Guns, Michael Jackson, Angry Goths, Angry Mob, People Fighting: These pictures are deviant because they pose as a threat to themselves and others. For example,
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Unformatted text preview: the photo of Michael Jackson can be seen as a minor case of neurotic behavior because of his effort to dangle his child over a balcony to the paparazzi. No sane parent would do any such thing that would endanger the life of their children. The other pictures, such as the intoxicated southern men with guns, angry mobs, and angry men dressed in black, are deviant because these people are violent. It is apparent that the drunken men are not afraid to open fire under any circumstances. Thus, because these men, as well as the punk rockers, have the potential to become as violent as the angry mob and people engaged in physical combat, they are deviant and a threat to their well-being, societys well-being, and the rules and laws that uphold a civilized environment. These pictures also fall under the constructivist perspective because it is simply considered a social deviant act, not a universal sin....
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deviance&law- project 1 - the photo of Michael...

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