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eng- comp & contr....

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Susan Martinez November 12, 2008 Eng Comp Compare and Contrast: Angelhead and Girl, Interrupted Angelhead and Girl, Interrupted shared many qualities. They both dealt with a mental break with reality and showed how it affected their lives and the lives of other around them. In both Angelhead and Girl, Interrupted , the narrators were able to project what it was like to deal with a psychological illness and what it was to live with it whether it was the narrator who had it or someone close to the narrator who inherited the illness. However, it was the differences that stuck out in my mind more than the similarities. In Angelhead , the author was describing what it was like living with a relative who had a terrible case of schizophrenia, whereas the author in Girl, Interrupted was the one characterized with being mentally ill. Other differences that stuck out were just the dynamics of the story itself. Angelhead
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eng- comp & contr....

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