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eng final part 2 - Sedaris In his essay I remember him...

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Susan Martinez December 10, 2008 Eng Comp & Seminar Newman Final: Part II For this version, I rearranged the order and structure of the paper. Instead of starting it at the end and working my way back, then coming back to the end, I started at one of the scenes in my essay. I also omitted a lot of information from the first draft and focused on only a few key elements, in which I went into full detail in explaining and connected the main character and narrator to. In addition, I added more scenes to further create an image for the reader. The one essay that impacted my revision the most was “Repeat After Me” by David
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Unformatted text preview: Sedaris. In his essay I remember him jumping back and forth between different scenes or instances within the essay. At times it was confusing but overall it elicited more emotions and gave the essay more power. I, also, jumped between scenes between my mother’s life and mine to display the similarities and connections between the narrator and other main character. In general, I used the idea of that essay to revise mine, but it is not completely the same....
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