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Martinez Susan Martinez December 10, 2008 Newman A Passing Grade Midway through my senior year, the time had come for me to make my decision on what school I would be attending in the fall of 2008. I remember a car-ride argument on the way home from practice about where I would decide on going. “You’re not going there… oh and you’re definitely not going there! And I know you applied to Pittsburgh, and I know you enjoyed your visit, but fun and games are over now. You’re not going there.” Outraged, I couldn’t contain myself. “What do you mean I’m not going here or there?! I can go wherever I like! I worked for it, you didn’t! It’s not your decision, its mine !” “If you don’t go where I tell you to, then don’t count on me for anything. Don’t expect me to be there when you need me, ‘cause I won’t!” “Fine!” The dispute ended there for the moment, but the underlying struggle for control and power between the both of us was always an issue. I hated being compared to her. I knew there was no way we were alike. She didn’t like me, and I didn’t like her. She wanted ultimate control over me, a smothering kind of control, and I wouldn’t let her have it. She was Josefina, and I was Susan; only similar in genetics. Little did I know that my life reflected a lot of my mother’s, and my mother’s reflected a lot of my grandmother’s. My mother and I never saw eye to eye. We fought nearly every day for quite some time. She said one thing, and I said another. It was her
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Martinez way of controlling me. Many times it would be the same argument over and over again. Sometimes about running, other times about school, most of the time it would be about friends and going out, or how distant I had become with my family. It was just because I had freedom with my friends, not my family. Freedom; it was an ongoing struggle within both of our lives. My mother was always controlled in the same way she controlled me, but by my grandmother in a much worse sense. Since Josefina arrived in America at the age of twelve from the Dominican Republic, it was just her and her mom. All they had was each other. Neither of them could speak the language and they were both now considered foreigners. They had the best, dysfunctional, loving relationship a daughter could ask for from her mother. My grandmother poured responsibilities onto my mother with her pitcher of discipline. As a pre-teen, Josefina went to school in one of the worst neighborhoods, came home, cleaned the house, and prepared the food, all before my
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eng final - Martinez Susan Martinez English Comp Seminar...

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