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eng personal essay 2 - Susan Martinez A Shared Life It was...

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Susan Martinez A Shared Life It was time for her to say goodbye. My mother’s eyes filled with tears as she gave me a hug. It was like she was slowly losing grip of her family. Slowly, one by one, she felt like we were walking out of her life. First, my grandmother, then me, and shortly thereafter, my brother. All that was left to her was my youngest sister, Melany. All that she had worked to gain slipped through her fingers. It was a loss of control, a loss of power, a loss of purpose. My mother, Josefina Zapata, was born in the Dominican Republic. She lived there for her childhood years, on my grandmother’s farm with the rest of the dozens of cousins we have. Her memory of her younger years was a blur until my grandmother and mother immigrated to the United States in 1963. She was twelve when she began living in America. This marked the start of her life. Josefina was now a foreigner. She couldn’t speak the language. She couldn’t communicate with others. From then on it was just her and her mom. They had the best, dysfunctional, loving relationship a daughter could ask for from her mom. My grandmother poured responsibilities onto my mother with her pitcher of discipline. As a pre-teen, Josefina went to school in one of the worst neighborhoods, came home, cleaned the house, and prepared the food, all before my grandmother came home from her long hours of slaving away at the factory. This kept my grandmother happy, and my mother exhausted. Josefina was deprived of social activities with friends and family, and kept under the strict rules of the household. When she was old enough to obtain a job, all of her paychecks went to my grandmother to help their financial situation. My mother was smothered by authority
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without ever having the opportunity to venture out into anything but school. Learning became a passion of hers, and the title of Doctor turned into a dream. It was through school that she obtained liberty and freedom. She met her first husband in
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eng personal essay 2 - Susan Martinez A Shared Life It was...

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