human sexuality- paper 3

human sexuality- paper 3 - Susan Martinez March 28, 2011...

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Susan Martinez March 28, 2011 Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality Reaction Paper #3: I brought a guest. What most surprised me about what the other gender said was when it came to what men perceived as sexy and what men didn’t. The male group hinted at some points that were somewhat vague and didn’t make sense, but at the same time sparked some controversial thought. For example, one male said that a woman that does not give the man the attention that he is yearning for, such as glancing back at him, is sexy, and the girl that does respond to the male staring at her walking down the street is “slutty”. This statement does not make sense, however to a certain degree it is tied to another statement made by the group where they defined sexy as appealing to one specific person’s attention, whereas slutty was defined as appealing to everyone’s attention. Thus, I can see how a woman casually walking down the street and responding to a male bystander’s stare as “slutty” because her sex appeal was not necessarily directed towards him specifically, but just so happened to catch his eye because it was attracting the attention of the general public, and her reinforcing his stare would therefore reinforce her
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human sexuality- paper 3 - Susan Martinez March 28, 2011...

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