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intro to critical reading- moonstone 2 - The twists and...

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The twists and turns of The Moonstone mystery involving a valuable diamond become so controversial that unsuspecting characters begin to question their own innocence. The editor of the book and one of the main characters, Franklin Blake, is caught off guard later on in the book with the discovery of Rosanna Spearman’s letter to him. In the letter she reveals that it was he who committed the act of theft, possibly under the motive of financial need because he was known for his debt. Her proof of this was that it was his garment that smeared the paint on the wall of Rachel’s room that night. Even though at this time in the book, it is Franklin who is resuming the investigation of the lost diamond, he now is in question of himself because he cannot fully remember everything that occurred that evening. He states: “Innocent as I knew myself to be, certain as I was that the abominable imputation which rested on me must sooner or later be cleared off, there was nevertheless a sense of self-abasement in my mind which
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