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intro to soc- bigger stronger faster - Susan Martinez...

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Susan Martinez June 18, 2009 Introduction to Sociology BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER: The Side Effects of Being an American Since the 1980s and up until now, young boys idolized Arnold Schwartzenegger, Sylvester Stalone, and Hulk Hogan because of their huge muscles. Men wanted to work out at Gold’s Gym. Why? Because that’s where Arnold Schwartzenegger worked out. I guess you can say the men are just trying to “live the dream”. But what exactly is the dream? This overemphasis on winning and achieving status through appearance in the media has changed the perceptions of men in this country nationwide. Men want to be bigger, stronger, and faster at any cost, and if they cannot achieve this, then what do they do? They turn to steroids. This documentary focused on the status group of men living by the “guy code” (Kimmel). It is also about rationalization, and what Weber would say in terms of “the irrationalization of rationalization”. It is obvious to one that being an American has been distorted throughout the years and has led to the ongoing controversy of steroid use among men, athletes, and for personal self gain. Michael Kimmel’s article “Guyland” talks about the “guy code”, which refers to the universal, unwritten rules of what defines a man. The first rule on the top ten list of the “guy code” that defines a man is, “Boys Don’t Cry”. By crying, Kimmel’s study says it is a sign of weakness, and by crying one can be perceived as weak, effeminate, or gay. Thus, “masculinity is the relentless repudiation of the feminine.” (Kimmel 45) BIGGER STRONGER FASTER identifies with this concept in many ways. The documentary shows that from an early age and into adulthood, men are focused on building muscle and getting “big”, which ultimately signifies what a man is. If a man is big, he is tough; he is nothing like that of a woman because he is bigger, stronger, and faster. The only reason is because of the media’s involvement in these
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young men’s lives. The predominant culture back in the 1980’s was the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), in which the prominent figure was Hulk Hogan. In the film, one of his commercials is featured. He says, “Train. Say your prayers. Eat your vitamins. Be true to yourself, and true to your country. Be a true American.” Then he strikes a muscular pose. By Hulk Hogan, saying, “Be a true American,” and then flashing his huge muscles, the only message he is sending is that being an adult male in America means being overly muscular
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intro to soc- bigger stronger faster - Susan Martinez...

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