intro to soc- notes

intro to soc- notes - Goffman “life is a drama” b/c...

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Unformatted text preview: Goffman “life is a drama”- b/c everyone is always putting on a front - authenticity? Social roles and how we learnt those social roles through this socialization process- we learned to be a boy or girl from the time we’re born through social roles and performances- social roles- socially defined expectations - socialization- the social processes through which children develop an awareness of norms and values- social ideas- a way that we achieve an ideal sense of self- ^^^changes throughout your life Kimmel Bros before Hos- Guy code- intimately related to the “code of the streets”- Performativity- constant action of performance that’s so habitual that it becomes normalized Butler Valentine labeling: transgender, transsexual, identity- Collectivity around being called transgender creates an identity that can help to create institutions to help the cause- Labeling makes it easier to identify them as belonging to a certain culture and makes it easier to meet their needs and social services through categories that can oppress...
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intro to soc- notes - Goffman “life is a drama” b/c...

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