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phil- take home exam 3 - Susan Martinez Concepts of Human...

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Susan Martinez June 17, 2010 Concepts of Human Nature Third Take Home Exam Alternative Assignment: Write a 6 – 8 page critical discussion paper on the topic, “What is essential to human nature?” . You must include at least one detailed of an idea about human nature drawn from the readings of the last five sessions of the course (June 3 rd onwards), and you are encouraged to draw on ideas from other sessions . Throughout this six week semester the question of, “What is human nature?”, has arose from studying philosophers, such as Socrates, Glaucon, Aristotle, Rousseau, Descartes, Ayer, and Sartre . Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, along with Glaucon argued that justice in human nature was unwilling because humans are self-interested individuals . Aristotle discussed that all human activity was driven by some type of good, such as happiness and wisdom, as part of human nature . Rousseau’s main argument was the idea that every man is born is born free and that force on an individual is inevitably always wrong . Descartes proposed that the idea and belief of God was essential in human nature . Ayer had the idea of free will, determinism, and compatibilism; whereas, Sartre suggested existence and essence . Each of these philosophers
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offer thoughts on human nature, and together they form the perfect prototype to what the ideal man is aside from society . Justice is defined as doing the right thing in every situation . Socrates and Glaucon both argue that humans are unjust and selfish . This is the first component to human nature . They reason that humans act in just fashions because of society’s rules and structure; for example, Glaucon’s story of the Ring of Gyges . This was the story of a shepherd boy that happened to find a powerful ring after a violent thunderstorm . This ring had the power of invisibility . Once discovering the power of the ring, he acquired the job of messenger to the king, seduced the
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phil- take home exam 3 - Susan Martinez Concepts of Human...

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