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Susan Martinez February 8, 2011 Psychology of Gender Extra Credit #3 In class we talked about many meta-analysis studies related to cognitive and social development. Most of these studies focused on the differences between males and females and their math ability. These studies tend to show that men have a better cognitive performance with math than women; however, the difference is not by much. Although the difference may be little, the media and society plays on this finding. For example, the movie Mean Girls , starring Lindsey Lohan and Rachel McAdams, preys on this math “deficit” in women. In the movie, Mean Girls , Lindsey Lohan plays the character of a high school student who has been home schooled her entire life because of her parents’ occupation as animal researchers in Africa. Now being in the United States and going to public school for the first
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Unformatted text preview: time, Lindsey Lohan has to find a way to fit in. One of the ways she does this is by failing her advanced math class, even though she is the smartest math student in the class, to gain the attention of an attractive older male student. This shows that being cognitively able as a woman is disregarded by society, especially when it comes to math performance. In my opinion, this could really play into the social role theory of men and women’s roles in society when it comes to working positions. Since men are generally inclined to having higher jobs than women, it is frowned upon for women to be cognitively superior. Being a woman, I disagree with these findings, but it’s hard to fight off such stereotypes when there are successful, mainstream films that continue to spread these ideologies....
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