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Susan Martinez February 15, 2011 Psychology of Gender Extra Credit #4 According to Freud and his Psychosexual Stages Theory, men and women’s lifestyles are determined by the Phallic Stage. The Phallic Stage is defined by the Oedipus Complex for men and Electra Complex for women. The Electra Complex tends to be more commonly seen in the media though. The Electra Complex states that women have penis envy and are aware of this as early as the age of three to six years old. Freud explains that girls at this age become sexually attracted to their father and become jealous of their mother. Then, they blame their mother for their lack of having a penis and begin to resent their mother for not being able to acquire the sexual attraction from their father. Eventually, this manifests itself into adulthood by women
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Unformatted text preview: linking their self-esteem to physical appearance because they want to be sexually attractive at all times. The Electra Complex can be seen everywhere in the media, especially in womens magazines, such as Cosmopolitan . Cosmopolitan always has the words SEX and DIET on their front cover. This just shows that the media plays into the gender comparisons between men and women. The magazine overemphasizes the need for women to be sexy and appealing to the mans eye. Unfortunately, as a woman in this prominent society, it is hard to not be subject to the pressures of society. I dont necessarily believe in Freuds finding, but the media does reflect many of these sexual values in women. These portrayals of women will probably never change....
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