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Employment Law notes - Employment Law Notes 2nd Half...

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Employment Law Notes 2 nd Half National Origin and Fact Pattern Accent issue – employer to cause an English only Rule: Titles 7 – National origin discrimination NJLAD New Jersey Law Against Discrimination it’s a very broad discrimination Garcia π – v - Spun Steak ∆ (19 th circuit) ct of appeals 1) Parties : Spun Steak ∆, Priscilla Garcia, 2π and labor union union must have “standing” 2) Facts : two Spanish speaking Garcia adverse employment action. Spanish were using language to talk about other ethnicity and that they were making derogatory comments. They imposed an English only rule and the two Spanish speaking got disciplined 3) English Only Rule 1) SCOPE: narrow in scope only on work time 2) Business Purpose: yes business purpose to impose racial harmony and safety Union has legal duty to represent you The ones being talked about were not happy 4) Procedure : title 7 national origin case - File a charge of discrimination - EEOC thought it π gave right to sue letter then went to US District Court ruled for π 5) ISSUE : called upon an employer violates and English only act “whether English only rule violated TITLE 7. 6) Holding : no violation did not violate for 2 reasons because it was narrow and scope and English only rule was only for a business purpose Premier operations ∆ – v- EEOC π (N.D tex) Us Northern District court of Texas 1) Parties: EEOC π and Premier Operations ∆ CLASS ACTION 2) FACTS: English only rule Page 3 “absolutely no guns, knives or weapons or anything” all conversations are to be used in English Scope: overly broad Business: NONE <Retaliation> - Former manager on the EEOC side and said to back date documents. The company manager using racial slurs by company president
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Employment Law notes - Employment Law Notes 2nd Half...

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