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Study Guide exam 1 - to organize What tactics do employers...

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 Study Guide for Hourly #1 Introduction to Labor Studies and Employment Relations Fall 2010 1. Labor History: Know the primary purposes of a labor union and the history of the different labor organizations – AFL, IWW, CIO - discussed in class, films and in the Yates readings. Have an idea of what happened during the Flint Sit Down strike and what scientific management or taylorism is. Film: “Sit Down and Fight: Walter Reuther and the Rise of the UAW” 2. Wealth and Class in America: You should be familiar with the concept of wealth and how it impacts on politics and economic policy. Know the difference between demand side and supply side economics and how each policy has impacted workers in America. You have to know how and why to adjust the “official” rate of unemployment. Know the premise and concepts in the text, “Changing Contours of Work.” 3. Organizing: You should be familiar with the steps of an organizing campaign and what happens during one, including the process of a union election. What rights do workers have
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Unformatted text preview: to organize? What tactics do employers take against workers during a drive? Film: “Norma Rae” 4. Labor Laws: Know the basics of the major laws impacting working Americans, specifically know the National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act), The Labor–Management Relations Act ( Taft-Hartley), at-will employment provisions and proposed legislation – Employee Free Choice Act. Know what constitutes an Unfair Labor Practice. 5. Terms: This class involves a lot of terms that are used constantly – they surface in reading assignments and class lectures and any one of them is fair game for this exam. 6. Format : There will be a few multiple choice questions, True/False with explanation questions, definition questions and mostly short answer questions for a total of 25 questions. Each question is worth 4 points. Some questions will come directly from questions I ask in class!...
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