Case Study - Air Products - Final

Case Study - Air Products - Final - Derek Ho October 5,...

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Derek Ho October 5, 2010 Intro to Supply Chain Management Case Study – Air Products Air Products is a specialty gas and chemical company based in the United States. The Case Study analyzes the process of demand forecasting completed by the company, Air Products – Electronics Specialty Materials. Specifically, the case study focuses on the Electronics Specialty Materials business unit within Air Products which supplies the electronics industry with specialty gases and chemicals used in producing semiconductors, circuit boards, etc. A variety of economic factors have been making the company’s annual forecasting process more and more vital to ensure the firm’s competitive advantage in the market. Hurricane Katrina which temporarily halted product lines, increasing oil prices which affect the prices of chemicals, and distribution capacity issues made forecasting more important and complicated at the same time. As stated in the book, forecasting is important in order to “respond quickly to shifting customer requirements” (Wisner 139). Within ESM (Electronics Specialty Materials), they practiced financial forecasting and
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Case Study - Air Products - Final - Derek Ho October 5,...

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