Case Study - VF Brands - Final

Case Study - VF Brands - Final - Derek Ho November 16, 2010...

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Derek Ho November 16, 2010 Intro to Supply Chain Management Case Study – VF Brands VF Corporation is the world’s largest publicly owned apparel company. This company started in 1899 as Reading glove and Mitten Company and eventually expanded into producing lingerie. Afterwards, VF continued to expand into the jeans business which made up 75% of its $1 billion in sales. By 2008, VF Corporation had total revenues of over $7.6 billion. In 2004, VF developed its Strategic Growth Plan. Its new Growth Plan was to expand its focus from a basic apparel company into a global lifestyle apparel company with strong and recognizable brands. By 2008, its lifestyle brands amounted to 44% of its revenue. In addition, it hoped to expand its sales outside the United States, especially in developing nations where they had increasing purchasing power. Finally, they hoped to sell its produce through single-brand stores so they can showcase their line more directly to customers. VF Corporation organized its business into five coalitions – each being responsible for their product lines, sales and marketing. With all these different types of brands, VF inevitably had to do a lot to preserve its corporate and organizational culture while staying true to each unique brand. VF Corporation possesses many strengths and opportunities for its business to grow. First of all, VF is known for their strong manufacturing plants. Their plants have consistently produced products in
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Case Study - VF Brands - Final - Derek Ho November 16, 2010...

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