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Dance Appreciation final paper - Derek Ho Dance...

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Derek Ho Dance Appreciation Section 03 May 10, 2010 Final Performance Paper On Sunday, May 2 nd , I had the pleasure of attending and watching the Dance Plus’ Spring 2010 show. Dance Plus is a program hosted by Mason Gross School of Arts’ dance faculty allowing them to showcase their choreography. The Dance Plus Spring 2010 show consisted of five showcases, each presented by a staff or a student from Mason Gross, with the final performance showcased by Randy James’ “Protein Spill”. As a hip hop dancer, I generally gravitate more towards that particular dance style and I’m not as able to grasp and fully appreciate the flowing and more lyrical style of modern. However, even though I’m generally more interested in hip hop dance since I’m a hip hop dancer and have less zeal for modern dance, I actually found the Dance Plus performances to be very fascinating, intriguing, and entertaining. I appreciated how each of the dances told a story. In particular, I noticed how the “Protein Spill” performance highlighted the different stages and the progression of a couple’s relationship, with a twist of a jungle theme throughout the performance. In the beginning of the “Protein Spill” performance, I noticed the lighting in the background was strategized to emit a jungle vibe. The dancers also wore rag-tag, yet bright red outfits to imitate the jungle feel. In addition, each of the dancers would make clicking, ticking, and jungle animal noises to further radiate the wild theme of the jungle. These sounds added a
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Dance Appreciation final paper - Derek Ho Dance...

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