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Curulla RELI 140 Reflection 4 - Nothingness” Clendinnen...

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Matt Curulla RELI 140 David McDuffie Reflection 4 – 2/8/12 In Clendinnen’s work Aztecs: An Interpretation, she gives an interpretation of what happens during the Aztec’s “Feast of the Flayed Skin God.” Towards the end of the piece she goes into more detail as to why the Aztec’s perform this feast, and why they offer up sacrifices and practice certain rituals on captive’s body parts, particularly their bones ( Clendinnen , 81-82). While the searing of the flesh from the bones is very graphic, and somewhat interesting, what interested me most was the purgatory-esque trial of an Aztec who did not die on the battlefield. Clendinnen tells us that those dying of seemingly natural causes “travelled for four bitter and bleak years through the increasingly chill nine layers of the underworld until they arrived at the lowest level, presented their gifts to the Death Lord, and dissolved into
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Unformatted text preview: Nothingness” ( Clendinnen , 83). In order to assist their deceased ancestors who were traveling through the underworld, Clendinnen tells us that “For all of the four years kin made offerings of garments and equipment to ease the pains of the journey” ( Clendinnen , 83). Dying anywhere but the battlefield was shameful in this culture, and required substantial tribute by your next of kin to appease your failure. Clendinnen later tells us that dying off the battlefield opened oneself up to the “general annihilation of self” ( Clendinnen , 83). This helps to illustrate just how important triumph and glory on the battlefield were to the Aztec culture and way of life. Works Cited Clendinnen I. 1985. Past and Present. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 89 p....
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