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HIST 140 Paper 1 - In Barbara Demick’s Nothing to Envy...

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Unformatted text preview: In Barbara Demick’s Nothing to Envy the narrator initially paints North Korea as a nation with some economic and political troubles, but none that were wholly insurmountable. As the story develops, the audience is introduced to the North Korea of the late 1980’s and 1990’s in which millions of citizens die during a terrible nationwide famine due to a very unstable government. Throughout the rest of the story Demick tells the audience, in great detail, about many of the other tragedies happening all over North Korea, but that would typically be associated with the poorest of third world countries. As readers work their way throughout the story, very distinct social and political trends begin to develop which serve to protect the regime, but ultimately restrict the freedom and communication between individuals at every level of North Korean life. Throughout this essay, there will be two key ways illuminated that illustrate the North Korean regime’s ability shape citizen’s relationships with each other: The tendency for...
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