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HW 17 Excel - Jones 0.0104560495 Herbal Tea Female Burk...

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Block (gender) Name Random Number Treatment Male French 0.0638063009 Herbal Tea Male Lee 0.2705365358 Herbal Tea Male McNeil 0.6330411064 Herbal Tea Male Caldwell 0.7434443697 Placebo Male Alston 0.7964815764 Placebo Male Chang 0.95857157 Placebo Female
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Unformatted text preview: Jones 0.0104560495 Herbal Tea Female Burk 0.1821300209 Herbal Tea Female Sengupta 0.2411258397 Herbal Tea Female Zinn 0.7753430345 Placebo Female Trovero 0.8431817278 Placebo Female Kirk 0.9302723821 Placebo...
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