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1. Young general Napolean Bonaparte a. In Paris, 1789, a group of individuals coalesced to form a political club or party. Jacobean party, so called because its member met in the old convent of the Jacobins (Parisian name of Dominican friars)- was initially moderate in its views. Under the influence of Maximilien Robespierre it became increasingly more radical in regards to social organization, adopting republican ideas, and advocating universal male suffrage, popular education, and separation of church and state. The Jacobins were one of the moving forces behind the French revolution and after 1793, also behind the so-called Reign of Terror b. By 1800, a Jacobin, became a nickname for any radical political reformer c. Jacobinism in Italy came to designate the revolutionary movement of the years 1796-99 which accompanied Napoleon’s Italian campaign, and was supported by Foscolo and other who hoped in more decisive social reforms and ultimately the possibility of independence 2. Map of Battles of the Napoleonic campaign in northern Italy (do not need to memorize)
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