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11.8.2011 1. On Sepuchres vv.1-50 a. What elements suggest the interlocutory nature of the poem? b. What are the pleasures of life-mentioned by the poet at the beginning of the poem- which humans must relinquish upon their death? c. How are “Time” and “Death” represented in these first 50 verses? d. What is- in Foscolo’s opinion- that allows humans to live on after death? e. Why would it be especially good to be buried in one’s homeland? f. Who deserves and who does not deserve a gravestone? 2. On Sepuchres vv. 151-212
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Unformatted text preview: a. In which sense is the central section of the poem “patriotic”? b. Who are the great men to whom Foscolo’s alludes in this section? c. Why does Foscolo praise Florence? d. In lines 197-212 the courage and greatness of the heroes buried in Santa Croce is compared to that of…? e. By using what images does the poet summons up the vision of the battle of Marathon (fought in 490 BC by Athenians against Persians, during the first Persian invasion of Greece)?...
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