12.6.11 - 1. Primo Levi (1919-1987) a. July 31, 1919 Primo...

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1. Primo Levi (1919-1987) a. July 31, 1919 Primo Levi born in Turin b. Summer 1941- Because he matriculated before the racial laws were implemented, Levi was allowed to complete his university degree and graduated with full marks in Chemistry c. Dec- spring 1941 Levi worked under a false name for a mining company d. June 1942- Levi left Turin and went to work in Milan for a Swiss company (he could take the job under his own identity since the racial laws did not apply to non-Italian companies) e. Fall 1943- he joined the Resistance but he was quickly captured by the Fascist militia; as a partisan he would have been executed, so he revealed he was a Jew f. January 1944- Along with other Italian Jews he is sent to an internment camp in Fossoli (Modena) g. Feb 21 1944- Fossoli fell in the hands of the German and Levi and the other inmates were transported to Monowitz, one of the three camps in Auschwitz, in occupied Poland. h. Jan 18 1945- The Red Army liberated the camp 2. Important dates and events 1919-1946 a. March 1919 the “fascio di combattimento”, first nucleus of the fascist movement, is formed by Mussolini, in Milan b. Sept 19191 The poet G. D’Annuzio leads a collection of nationalist fanatics to occupy the city of Trieste and sets up a regime, which anticipates many ascpects of Mussolini’s future regime. c.
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12.6.11 - 1. Primo Levi (1919-1987) a. July 31, 1919 Primo...

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