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Introduction to Human Ecology Second Test Review Sheet 11:374:101:01-12 Fall, 2011 Below are some of the main considerations of the middle portion of the course. Again, you should view these as indicators of what’s important to know, along with the film questions, book outlines, and topics covered in lecture and recitation. Unless otherwise indicated in recitation, this test will be similar in format and length to the first. You are responsible for all materials from this part of the course and for “who said what”. Some key points are: -how agriculture, population, food, and nutrition interact with each other and with the environment; -the major population perspectives, what they believe about population’s role in world problems, arguments they make, evidence used, and applications; -where you would place the various authors and filmmakers on the spectrum of population thought; -the state of the state’s (New Jersey’s) agriculture, as described by Parmley; -the implications of “Take a Short Route from Farm to Plate” by Harrop and the counter view offered by “Food that Travels Well” by McWilliams ; -how and how well Madden’s article answers the question “can sustainable agriculture be profitable?’; -other purported benefits of sustainable agriculture discussed by Madden;
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