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% ENGR 12600 Fall 2008 % Solution to Homework 5, Problem 5. % This program calculates the statistics for the width data collected in ENGR 126 class. % It also generates a histogram of the data. % ---- Input Section ---- % Read the sunflower seed data into MATLAB seed_width = xlsread('hw5problem4.xlsx','sheet1','B8:B2807'); % ---- Calculation Section ---- % Calculates the Statistics for the sunflower seed width data width_mean = mean(seed_width); % Units are inches width_stdev = std(seed_width); % Units are inches width_median = median(seed_width); % Units are inches width_minimum = min(seed_width);
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Unformatted text preview: % Units are inches width_maximum = max(seed_width); % Units are inches % ---- Output Section ----% Generate and diplay histogram of seed width data hist(seed_width,20) % Formats the graph according to proper plotting format title('Histogram of the Sunflower Seed Width Data Collected by the ENGR 126 Class') ylabel('Frequency') xlabel('Sunflower Seed Width Interval (in)') %----Comments----% Having used both Excel and Matlab, what are the pros and cons to each % tool? What would cause you to choose one over the other?...
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