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Unformatted text preview: Valerie Udeozor Homework 9, Due: Oct. 20 Implied Orientation Summary According to Stanfield and Zwaan (2001), perceptual symbol theories, in contrast to amodal theories, explain that complete representation of an object (simulation) should mirror physical characteristics of that object. To test this aspect of the perceptual symbol theory, Stanfield and Zwaan hypothesized that people would mentally represent the orientation of an object with reference to the object’s verbal description. Stanfield and Zwaan chose a total of 40 participants, all of whom were college students in introductory psychology courses at Florida State University. These students were compensated with credit toward a course requirement. This study employed a 2 (match vs. mismatch) x 2 (horizontal vs. vertical picture orientation) x 4 (list) experimental design. The independent variables were match, orientation, and list; the prior two were within- participants factors, and the third was a between-participants factor. The dependent variable was response time. participants factors, and the third was a between-participants factor....
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