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Udeozor_Homework 2 - Valerie Udeozor Homework 2 Due Sept 8...

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Valerie Udeozor Homework 2, Due: Sept. 8 Testing Improves Retention Summary This 2007 study was designed to determine whether testing improved long-term retention of lecture material more than repeated studying, i.e. whether the testing effect is valid. Furthermore, the results were to discern effects of different types of tests and feedback on long- term retention. Butler & Roediger hypothesized both that the testing effect would take place and feedback would contribute to an increase in retention of lecture material. The participants were 27 Washington University undergraduate students, who were given course credit and monetary compensation for completion of the study. The study was designed to evaluate two primary factors: types of post-lecture activity and test administration with or without feedback. Hence, a 2 (multiple choice vs. short answer) x 3 (no test vs. test with feedback vs. test without feedback) experimental design was executed. The additional study control condition, also a type of post-lecture activity, could not be cross- examined with the test administration/ feedback factor; this made the experiment unbalanced, thus requiring an entirely within-subjects design. Independent variables were the post-lecture activity and test administration/feedback factors, and the dependent variable was performance on the final test. A synopsis of the procedure and results is as follows: the participants viewed three art history lectures on three consecutive days. Each participant then engaged in one of three post- lecture activities every day. For those who took an initial test, feedback was given for half of the answers, and all participants took a final short answer test 1 month later. Results confirmed the testing effect, and also revealed initial short answer tests to improve final tests scores more
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significantly than those of multiple choice format. However, feedback was not proven to have
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Udeozor_Homework 2 - Valerie Udeozor Homework 2 Due Sept 8...

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