human sex.- reaction paper 3

human sex.- reaction paper 3 - Valerie Udeozor Due:...

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Valerie Udeozor Due: November 7, 2011 Psych. Aspects/ Human Sexuality Instructor: Coralyn McCauley, Ph.D. Reaction Paper 3: “Gender Fishbowl” Activity Although it was quite entertaining, the “fishbowl” activity brought out many perspectives and opinions from the class that I had already expected. Predictable observations even stemmed from the types of questions asked; the boys’ questions focused explicitly on sex, while many of our questions focused on the integration of sex and relationships. However, something I did find rather interest is the response many of the boys had to one of our questions. When we asked them how important it was to have feelings for the girls they have sex with, to my surprise, the general consensus was that feelings are important when having sex with a girl. According to our textbook, men are equally likely to gain emotional satisfaction from sex within marital and nonmarital relationships, whereas women gain more satisfaction within marital relationships (Levay et al., p. 353). This and other relevant studies would seem to suggest that emotions are less important for men in sexual relationships, but the responses from the boys in our class indicated otherwise. Perhaps, men are not less concerned with emotions during sexual relationships, and are just less concerned with the role of commitment in sexual relationships. The part of the discussion that I thought about after class, and actually discussed with my
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human sex.- reaction paper 3 - Valerie Udeozor Due:...

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