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Valerie Udeozor Due: November 1, 2011 Public Speaking/ Mara Falk Persuasive Speech Outline SPS: By the end of my speech, the audience will be able to explain the unfortunate turn that affirmative action has taken in American society and give examples of its negative effects. Central Idea: Although affirmative action may have begun with the good intention of creating equal opportunities for all of society, it has resulted in adverse effects that currently cripple many minorities. Because of these effects, affirmative action— as we know it— needs to end. Outline I. Attention (Anecdote) a. As you all probably already know, getting into a top law school is far from easy. Well, this past summer, I realized how some may think it is easier for people who look like me. b. In a discussion with a former co-worker, and current first-year student at Pitt’s School of Law, I was getting some advice from him as to how I should go about the application process for law school. He asked me what my cumulative GPA was, and I had told him I have a 3.65. I went on to ask him about taking the horribly dreaded LSAT and scholarship opportunities. Observing that I was rather anxious about it all, he smiled and said, “You have a GPA above a 3.4, and you’re what they call ‘underrepresented’. You’ll be fine.” c. By underrepresented, he meant a minority. Many people in my position would have been angered by a white man saying this to them. I was angry. But I wasn’t angry with him; he just called it how he sees it. I was angry that this was the truth about affirmative action. Transition: Affirmative action was put into effect by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965 to ensure equal opportunity for women and minorities in the workplace and college classroom (Cooper, 2005). II. Need a. Without doubt, implementing affirmative action was a noble effort made by Johnson to compensate for the social injustice women and minorities had suffered for centuries in the U.S. However, it has yet to eliminate discrimination, but has only masked it. For this reason, I stand before you to declare that modern affirmative action needs to end. b. According to psychology professors Faye Crosby and Alison Konrad, affirmative action directly affects all federal government workers, military personnel,
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thousands of companies, and nearly 16 million students in higher education b.i. So you can see how affirmative action more than likely affects everyone in this room, let alone the minorities. I would like to give you all a little idea of how it directly affects me. c. My name is Valerie-Christine Nneka Ugonna Cecilia Udeozor. Not only am I a black female, but a first-generation Nigerian-American. Affirmative action says, “Give this girl a helping hand. Her poor African parents probably came here on nothing but a dollar and a dream”. But I say, “My mother was the first black doctor— male or female, citizen or foreigner— to start a private practice in our
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persuasive speech outline - Valerie Udeozor Due November 1...

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