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Valerie Udeozor Due: November 29, 2011 Instructor: Mara Falk Special Occasion Manuscript I do have a few theories to explain why— but I can’t seem to pick one….One as to why he had finally snapped. It was July 22, 2006, the night before his 18 th birthday. My older brother, George, caught the attention of everybody present on Great Seneca Road as he drove down the street. It wasn’t because he was speeding…it wasn’t because he committed a crime. It was because he drove down the wrong side of the street while being chased by 5 police cars…for no apparent reason. Speaking of going down the street, I’d like to call to mind a place down the street from us — Carnegie Mellon University. During the 1940s, there was a young math major at Carnegie Mellon who often caught attention similarly to the way my brother did that night. His name is John Nash. In a letter of recommendation from Carnegie Mellon, one of Nash’s professors got straight to the point declaring, “This man is a genius” (Lucchetti, 2011). But like my brother, there
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was something disturbing Nash. It was deeper…darker…ever-present— waiting to surface and destroy his life. John Forbes Nash Jr. was born on June 13, 1928 in Bluefield, West Virginia. His father was an electrical engineer and WWI veteran; his mother, an English teacher. As an avid reader at a very young age, Nash thought like a scholar— different from the other boys in his town, who later became businessmen, lawyers, and salesmen (Lucchetti, 2011). This sense of being “different”— of isolation—persisted throughout his adult life.
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special occassion speech - Valerie Udeozor Due Instructor...

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