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organized crime, ch.11

organized crime, ch.11 - Valerie Udeozor Due February 7...

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Valerie Udeozor Due: February 7, 2012 Organized Crime Professor Louis Gentile Reading Response, Chapter 11: International Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs My first impression of the outlaw motorcycle club was that its origination was particularly ironic. It is somewhat paradoxical that something that should have simply been a pastime for World War II veterans to enjoy solidarity, freedom, and emotional relief soon turned out to be a mechanism for these veterans to tyrannize American communities. Nevertheless, the name of the motorcycle club pioneers, “Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington” or POBOBs, may have served as a harbinger of what type of activity was soon to come. In addition to their odd inauguration, the outlaw bikers’ rise to national notoriety began in an unlikely situation. The POBOB’s fruitless acts of vandalism and other unruliness led to a seemingly unimportant riot in Hollister, California; however, it was important for the outlaw bikers’ sake. It turned out to give the bikers the publicity needed to establish their first formal
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