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organized crime, ch.13 - oxycodone etc This ambiguity seems...

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Valerie Udeozor Due: January 24, 2012 Organized Crime Professor Louis Gentile Reading Response, Chapter 13: The Drug Business Upon reading Chapter 13, on the “The Drug Business”, I immediately thought of the persistent connection between the medical profession and drug trafficking. Drugs that began as medicinal pain relievers continue to repeatedly transition into substances that are illegally abused and distributed. Nowadays, the general public would be shocked to learn that amphetamines and heroin were previously legal and originated as “antidotes” for drug addiction and other ailments. Yet, the opiate morphine is the predecessor of heroin and is still commonly used in professional medical treatment. The versatility in usage of these drugs continues to create ethical and legal conflict; this is currently most apparent in regards to many prescription drugs, e.g. diazepam,
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Unformatted text preview: oxycodone, etc. This ambiguity seems to contribute to the ongoing debate over the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of banning drugs. To my knowledge, many economists have argued for a lift on the prohibition of many drugs from a financial standpoint. This chapter could potentially serves as support for their argument. I found one statement in the chapter particularly interesting: “The marijuana business has positive impact on the legitimate economy supported by the cultivators—everything from grocery stores to car dealerships depends on marijuana” (Abadinsky, p. 320). Legalizing drugs would certainly pose serious ethical issues. However, the contribution that illegal drugs have made to the organized crime industry may legitimize the proposition reverse the ban on drugs and take alternative approaches to lowering drug use....
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