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American government 3 - Limited Government Historical...

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Limited Government Historical Foundations Revolution about autonomy, representation, taxation, economy War debt Articles of confederation Shay’s rebellion Constitutional compromises Articles of Confederation America’s first written constitution, served as the basis for America’s national government until 1789 Problem with articles: o Could not levy taxes or regulate commerce among the states o Central government could not prevent one state from discriminating against one another o No executive or judicial authority to enforce Congress’s will o Members of Congress were subject to immediate recall by state authorities The revolutionary war was fought under this governmental framework, and the intent was to revise the articles at the Constitutional Convention Shay’s Rebellion 1786, Springfield, MA Daniel Shay, veteran of the revolution, began a violent uprising of soldiers in response to the MA farm Foreclosures Soldiers were loosing their homes to private property owners because they couldn’t pay the taxes. The money they had received as soldiers was paper money and often useless The movement was intended to prevent the eviction of soldiers from their homes and
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American government 3 - Limited Government Historical...

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