American Government - Chapter 6

American Government - Chapter 6 - Congress Representation...

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Congress Representation Constituent work o Reelection o House National law making body o Heterogenous vs. Homogenous districts o Senate Differences in Houses Senate o Originally intended to be elected differently o Elite house o Collegial House o People’s house o Tax bills originate o Partisan Incumbency House: 95% Senate: 90% Is this good or bad? Leadership Party caucus/conference elect leaders among themselves although it could be anyone House: speaker, majority, minority, whips Senate: president pro temp, majority, minority, whip Speaker of the House Formal role o Presides over the house )rare_ o Rules on points of order o Announces results of votes o Refers legislation to committees o Names members to conference and select committees o Can schedule floor business o Can recognize members of the fllor o Maintains order and decorum Informal role o Set agenda for the house o Controls rules committee o Influences committee assignments o Rewards members for party loyalty o Coordinates with the senate o Public face of the house
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House minority leader Representative John Boehner Republican from Ohio’s 8 th Congressional District (Dayton) 1991 – present Formerly House Majority Leader
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American Government - Chapter 6 - Congress Representation...

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