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comm research - nov 2 - Measurement validity vs measurement...

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Characteristics of a true experiment Pre- and post-testing At least 2 levels of IV (one can be 0) Controls for major threats to internal validity Two alternative theoretical explanations (H 1 Case studies in obedience Milgram obedience study and Zimbardo’s prison experiment o Do these two studies have the characteristics of a true experiement Pre- and post-testing? Two levels of IV? Controls for major threats to internal validity? o Are measures reliable and valid? o Are results generalizable? o What ethical concerns do these studies raise? Does the benefit outweigh the cost? Zimbardo’s experiment o Affected by time period and current events Conducted in 1970’s Protests for Vietnam, tail end of civil rights movement More people are likely to create an uprising o Independent variable: whether subjects were assigned as guards or prisoners o Dependent variable: level of obedience and results
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Unformatted text preview: Measurement validity vs measurement reliability Measurement validity • A valid measure captures the true meaning of the concept being measured, e.g.: o Face validity: does it seem accurate o Predictive validity: does it predict to a future measure of the same concept? o Construct validity does it relate to other concepts in logical ways? Measurement reliability • Observed measurement = true score + error • Measurement reliability: a reliable measure is stable, consistent, & has little measurement error o Stable meaning it is consistent across people • Error o Measurement error o Random error Bad mood? A leading question? Typo? Black Dolls vs. White Dolls • Could race of researcher (African American) be a threat to the internal validity of the research? • Independent variable: race of the children • Dependent variable: reaction towards dolls •...
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comm research - nov 2 - Measurement validity vs measurement...

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