Unit 1 Review

Unit 1 Review - Unit 1 Test Review Sessionand General...

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Unit 1: Test Review Session…and General Advice for Performing Well on This Test What to expect: Covers Unit 1 lectures; ch 1 and 2 32 multiple choice questions each with 4 response options each worth 5 points Mix of book and lecture; some lecture only; some book only Some fact questions, some analysis, some application Ignore case studies in the book; everything ese is likely to be included (esp. italics and lists of 3 or 4 things) Forget about patterns and myths You will do well only if you prepare properly o Take advantage of chat, office hours, and sakai site Review test policies on syllabus Cultural insider; interpretive (interpretivist; humanist) Lab coat: Post positivist (social scientist) Hat; critical theorist Question: Which of these is a point of convergence among definitions of communication? -transmission nature of communication (not just transmitting from one to another) -intentionality of communication (point of disagreement) - transactional nature of communication -social nature of communication (2 or more involved if it is social, communication can happen with one person; intrapersonal communication)
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Unit 1 Review - Unit 1 Test Review Sessionand General...

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