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2/13/12 In literary fictions the plot consists of somebody doing something. The somebody if an individual is the hero, and the something he does or fails to do is what he can do, or could have done, on the level of the postulates made about him by the author and the consequent expectations of the audience. Fictions, therefore may be classified by the hero’s power of action, which may be greater than ours, less, or roughly the same. Thus: 1. If superior in kind both to other men and to do the environment of other men, the hero is a divine being and the story about him will be a myth in the common sense of a story about a god. Fire in the Flesh How would you describe Agnese? -her motivation is money. “Make America” -More of a leader of the family
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Unformatted text preview: Why are men here so weak? -because they listened to her demands-normally power of the law Law now was the women, taking charge, and commanding -One of the problems of keeping the memory was that it has never been a community where anything was written down or documented (1910-1920) -The emotionsif we live in fear, we see the world as a conspiracy; everything is against us -If we live in rage, anger, it takes little things to bother us-Religion is one of the factors that transformed the lives of the immigrants. In the first generation of Italians, religion was something that binded the community. It provided hope for them, and hope is the key venue of immigration -Hope and Religion; are they connected? Yes and no...
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