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Abstract of Italians di New York Maurizio Molinari (US Correspondent for La Stampa) embarks upon a journey across New York to meet with the many faces of Italians and Italian-American of various social and educational backgrounds, as he attempts to build the legacy of the Italian identity. He investigates their personal and professional experiences to explore the depth of the Italian influence in contemporary America. Why this book? To raise awareness among Italians in Italy among and Italian institutions of the enormous potential of these high-achievers who can contribution and reinvigorate the Italian economy through research, business and potential partnership. I accompanied Dr. Molinari to many meetings as a US correspondent for Italian publications, and as a scholar of Italian-American culture, I came to know and study the Italian community in New York and New Jersey. The book deals with over ninety interviews with public personalities from various sectors of society, such as Governor Mario Cuomo and John LoCicero, long-time advisor to Mayor
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Unformatted text preview: Edward I. Koch. Gay Talese divulges fascinating opinions about Italian-American literary figures and their work. The treasurer of Rockefeller Foundation, Mr. Peter Madonia, discusses the work of the foundation and its legacy in Italy. From religion to art, Dr. Molinari speaks with such figures as Bishop di Marzio who provides deep insight into the Italian-American religious experience in the American Catholic church. Dr. Lamberto Andreotti, CEO of Meyers Squibb, talks at length about Italian industries and management. From the world of high finance, Dr. Gabetti and Dr. Mennella discuss their role as Italians in business. Architects and art dealers give new perspective to a world where Italians are primary actors. Perhaps most surprisingly, Lady Gaga, (Mrs. Germanotta) reveals her inner-connection to Italian culture, bound by her Italian grandmother’s powerful influence in the tradition of the Italian family....
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