2. New England Heritage Study Guide

2. New England Heritage Study Guide - 7 How many children...

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Name Study Guide C HAPTER 2 “N EW E NGLAND H ERITAGE CJO- DHF 1. Where did Joseph say he developed his love of liberty? 2. In which Massachusetts town did four generations of Smiths live? 3. What did Asael Smith, Joseph Jr.’s grandfather, predict [prophesy] about a branch of his family and how did this prediction influence his own life? 4. At the age of 19 what experience did Lucy Mack have that was similar to her son, Joseph’s later experience with religion and in what way did Joseph’s experience answer her own religious questions? 5. Tradition has it that Joseph Smith, Sr. and Lucy Mack met in what Vermont village of? 6. What caused Lucy Mack to more thoughtfully and thoroughly consider religion?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. How many children did Joseph and Lucy Smith have together? 8. Joseph Smith, Jr. was born in , Vermont in the year . 9. Who was the surgeon who operated on Joseph Jr.’s infected leg, what was significant about his treatment, and how is the Lord’s hand manifest in this incident? 10. In what year did the Smith family move to Palmyra and why was this move significant to the Restoration? Thought question: Write a paragraph or two answering the question, “How did Joseph Smith’s heritage aid him in his calling as the prophet foreordained to usher in the dispensation of the fullness of times?”...
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2. New England Heritage Study Guide - 7 How many children...

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