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3. The First Vision Study Guide a

3. The First Vision Study Guide a - 7 In addition to...

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Name Study Guide C HAPTER 3 “T HE F IRST V ISION CJO- DHF 1. At the time of the first vision how many children made up the Smith family? 2. Why did the western New York area become known as the Burned-over district? 3. As early as age____, Joseph was concerned about which church was true and began his search for truth in the scriptures. 4. What bothered young Joseph about the ministers and fellow Christians he saw? 5. What profound effect did James 1:5 have on Joseph in his quest to find out which church was true? 6. What does the word theophany mean and how does it relate to the First Vision?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. In addition to getting an answer to his initial question, what two other things did the Lord tell Joseph in the grove? 8. What was the reaction of the Smith family to Joseph’s account of his vision? 9. After receiving much persecution, what biblical apostle did Joseph compare himself to and why? 10. Joseph F. Smith said what about the First Vision? Thought Question: Write one or two paragraphs on the significant truths that were revealed in the First Vision....
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  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, western New York, Joseph F. Smith, Smith family

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