4. Period of Preparation Study Guide

4. Period of Preparation Study Guide - 8. How was the...

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Name Study Guide C HAPTER 4 “P ERIOD OF P REPARATION CJO-DHF 1. When and where did the Angel Moroni first appear to Joseph Smith? 2. What was the purpose for Moroni’s visit and why did he appear three times that night to young Joseph? 3. What happened at the Hill Cumorah that Moroni had warned Joseph about the night before? 4. What was the purpose of tutoring the prophet annually for four years at the Hill Cumorah? 5. What was significant about Joseph deciding to work for Josiah Stowell? 6. How did Emma’s family feel about her relationship with Joseph? What circumstance did not allow for Joseph or Emma’s parents to attend the wedding?
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7. What was Joseph told concerning the protection of the plates?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. How was the exchange between Martin Harris and Professor Anthon in fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy? 9. What was Joseph’s reaction when he learned Martin Harris had lost the 116 pages and why did he react in that way? 10. What did Joseph Smith say he had made his rule from the experiences of his life? Thought Question: The truthfulness of the gospel message is often judged by the character of the messenger. Write a paragraph or two answering the question “How did the Lord see that Joseph learned the principles of repentance and obedience?”...
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4. Period of Preparation Study Guide - 8. How was the...

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