8. Gathering to Ohio Study Guide

8. Gathering to Ohio Study Guide - church? 7. What did...

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Name_____________________________ Study Guide C HAPTER 8 “G ATHERING TO O HIO CJO-DHF 1. The Lord promise to reveal to the Saints in Ohio his _____, and to ____________ them with power. 2. Who was the former restorationist preacher that was a very successful missionary in Ohio? 3. What was unusual about the Prophet and Newel K. Whitney’s first meeting? 4. How was Lucy Mack’s faith and leadership demonstrated in the New York Saints move to Ohio? 5. Give at least five examples of strange notions and false spirits among the Saints in Ohio that stand out to you (note that they are given throughout the entire section). 6. What was the Lord’s response the Prophet’s question concerning the need to establish a more perfect economic system to meet the growing needs of the
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Unformatted text preview: church? 7. What did Hiram Page and Mrs. Hubble have in common? 8. In what way did Leman Copley make it difficult, if not impossible, for the Saints to live the Law of Consecration? 9. Explain the circumstance surrounding Emma and Joseph Smith being asked to raise the Murdock twins. 10. At the General Conference in Ohio, Joseph announced that the Lord wanted worthy ordained to the high priesthood. Therefore, the first were ordained. Thought Question: Write one or two paragraphs answering the question: What are the underlying principles of the Law of Consecration and Stewardship and how were they administered? How do we live those principles today?...
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8. Gathering to Ohio Study Guide - church? 7. What did...

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