12. Zions Camp Study Guide

12. Zions Camp Study Guide - 7. Why did the efforts to...

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Name_____________________________ Study Guide C HAPTER 12 “Z ION S C AMP CJO- DHF 1. How many men did Joseph Smith aim to recruit for Zion’s Camp and how many men actually participated in Zion’s march (note the actual number of participants comes later in the chapter)? 2. What did individuals do who were appointed to stay behind in Kirtland, Ohio? 3. How was Zion’s camp organized? 4. What was the average age of the participants in Zion’s camp? Youngest participant? Oldest participant? 5. What was one important lesson the Joseph Smith taught those in the camp? 6. Although feeding the camp was one of the biggest problems, what became the camp’s most difficult obstacle and who led the opposition?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Why did the efforts to achieve peace between the Mormon and the Missourians fail? 8. At Fishing River how were the members of Zions Camp saved from the mob? 9. How many members of the camp died of cholera and how did this fulfill prophecy? 10. Although Zions camp failed to redeem Zion, what were some positive outcomes? Thought Question: Write one or two paragraphs answering the following question: If you had been a member of Zions Camp, what do you believe would have been your greatest personal challenges and your greatest personal benefits of participating?...
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12. Zions Camp Study Guide - 7. Why did the efforts to...

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