17. Refuge in Illinois Study Guide

17. Refuge in Illinois Study Guide - 7 Who was one of the...

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Name Study Guide C HAPTER 17 “R EFUGE IN I LLINOIS CJO-DHF 1. With the entire first presidency was in jail, who had the responsibility of overseeing the needs of the Church following the surrender of Far West? 2. How did Emma Smith carry the precious translation of the Bible to Illinois? 3. Identify two reasons why the citizens of Quincy, Illinois might welcome the Saints (as mentioned on p. 213). 4. How were peaceful relations with the citizens of Quincy threatened and how was the problem resolved? 5. Nauvoo is a Hebrew word meaning ____________________________. 6. What caused the illness contracted by many of the Saints in Nauvoo, what did they call the disease, and what is the disease known as now?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Who was one of the early fatalities in the city of Nauvoo? 8. How did Wilford Woodruff describe the happenings of 22 July? 9. Who said, “Gentleman, your cause is just, but I can do nothing for you” and to what was he referring? 10. How did the conversion of John C. Bennett aid the Saints in securing a charter for Nauvoo? Thought Question: Write a paragraph or two answering the question: “Suppose that the National Government leaders had received the petitions of the Saints regarding their losses in Missouri ; how might the history of the Church and the nation have been different?”...
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17. Refuge in Illinois Study Guide - 7 Who was one of the...

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