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If I had been there essay grading rubric

If I had been there essay grading rubric - Not too short or...

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“If I had been there…” essay Grading Rubric Scoring Category and Criteria Point Value Technical Control Name, section number in top right-hand corner Proper length (2-3 pages), font & size (Times New Roman size 12 or Calibri size 11), borders (1 inch), and typewritten Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, etc. is correct Evidence of proofreading /3 Clearly Written (organization, unity, coherence, and progression) Each paragraph concisely discusses one major point The paper logically progresses from one point to the next Proper use of paragraphs Uses complete sentences /2 Identification Explain in detail the events in Church history that you have chosen
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Unformatted text preview: Not too short or vague Cite where these events can be read, watched on video, etc. /6 Your Connection to Church history Identify what about this time in Church history resonates with you Describe what you believe it would have been like for you personally to have been present Evidence of deeper thinking in making connections with Church history Not too short or vague /8 Significance Explain significant insights into church history that you received from this enrichment Explain significant insights into you as an individual that you received from this enrichment Bring the paper to an appropriate and meaningful conclusion Not vague /6 Total Score /25...
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