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Grandpa Ray - Dusty Carroll I interview my 73 year old...

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Dusty Carroll 10-24-11 I interview my 73 year old grandpa from my dad’s side, Ray Carroll. He is widowed and lives on his own in a three bedroom house in Clarksville, Ohio. He has lived in the same house for the last 41 years of his life. He was born in Honaker, Kentucky in 1938. His family included his mother, father, three brothers and his three sisters. He grew up in a very small farm house with about 5 acres on the side of a hill. He described his social environment growing up as very “hillbillyish”. His father was a farmer for most of his life, and then moved on to be a coal miner. Later on his father owned a saw mill just down the road from their house. Owning his own business brought a lot of stress to his father, my grandpa explained. His mother’s occupation was nothing more than to take care of the kids, keep the house clean and to make sure dinner was ready every night. My grandpa worked in his father’s farm along with his brother’s growing up, until age fifteen. From age fifteen to twenty three he worked in a saw mill were he said he made $5.00 a day starting out and finished making $8.00 a day. At age twenty four he moved to Lorain, Ohio to live with his sister and work with a timber service. Only three years later in ‘64 he moved to Washington Court House to work in another saw mill, where he met his soon to be wife. In 1971, my grandpa and grandma moved to Clarksville where my grandpa helped built a saw mill which later on he would end up owning until 1999 when he sold it and retired. My grandma passed away in 2001 and my grandpa remains in Clarksville, Ohio in the same house right down the road from my parents. I asked my grandpa about a woman’s place fifty years ago and how the times have changed since. He said growing up, most women were stay at home wives that took care of the family and the house hold chores. According to table 7:4, my grandpa’s relationship with his
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wife demonstrated traditional marriage patterns versus contemporary marriage patterns. It was the man of the houses job to supply for the house and had the final say in most all house hold decisions. He said his wife/my grandma had one job before they got married and she worked at her family’s restaurant as a waitress. However, the day they got married my grandpa told her he didn’t want her working anymore and that he would take care of her. My grandma also never once drove a car in her life and never even attempted to get her license. She relied strictly on my grandpa to drive her around when needed so. My grandpa also added that not only has he seen a dramatic change in the work force with women. He said also in sports women have cross the boundary and made strides towards being considered as an equal to men. From title nine all the way towards salary caps in major league sports. Women are seen daily working hand in hand cooperatively all across the world.
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